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EAEA offers ecoENERGY assessments, by trained NRCan certified professionals, to determine the energy efficiency of your home. An assessment is an attic to basement analysis of insulation levels, mechanical efficiencies, window & door integrity/efficiency, and overall air tightness of your home.

EnerGuide Assessment

An EnerGuide assessment is a full inspection and analysis of the energy efficiency of your home. To ensure accuracy your energy advisor will need to:

  • Take photos of your home's exterior, attic & mechanical equipment, for Quality Assurance review.
  • Measure the house envelope to determine ceiling, wall, and basement exposed surface areas and calculate the heated volume.
  • Orient and identify types of windows & doors to account for heat losses & solar gain.
  • Measure and determine insulation levels/values in the ceilings, walls & basement.

Check the fuel, types & efficiency of:

Air Conditioning system
Heat Pumps (air source or ground source)
Water Heaters
Heat Recovery Ventilator (or other air changing system)

Perform a Blower Door Test to determine the overall air-tightness of your home.

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Critical areas to inspect for air leakage include:

Attic hatch
Electrical receptacles, switches, fixtures
Windows & doors
Basement Header (rim joist)
Exhaust fans
Furnace & water heater chimney
Other penetrations

Initial findings are discussed with you, including cost-effective recommendations for energy efficient improvements.

Upon completion of all calculations and entry of data into a computer simulation of your home, a comprehensive Homeowner Report is mailed to you which includes:

  • An EnerGuide rating of your home as it exists
  • A Potential Upgrade EnerGuide rating - what it will be if recommendations are implemented
  • Air Change Rate (ACH)- how many times per hour the air is changed in your home
  • Equivalent Leakage Area (ELA) - combines all the leakage into 1 opening
  • Potential Government grants
  • Recommended upgrades
  • Air leakage points of concern

The ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes program has successfully reached its goal of 250,000 registered homeowners.